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Information Checklist

To make the loan application process as smooth as possible, we recommend having the following readily available:


  • Birthday and social security number for each borrower
  • Residential address history for last 2 years
  • Employment history, including addresses and phone numbers for each borrower, for last 2 years
  • Amount of current income for each borrower
  • Current balance of bank statements/investment accounts
  • Homeowner's insurance information
  • List of debts, especially those not included on the credit report
  • Estimated property value and loan amount sought
  • Preferred title company, if you have one

If refinancing:

  • Property address
  • Date property was aquired
  • Original purchase price

If purchasing:

  • Source of funds for downpayment
  • Current rental information—name, address and phone number of landlord

Document Checklist

In order to proceed with your application, your loan officer may also request you to provide the following documents:

  • Signed application and disclosures
  • Most recent paystubs (past 30 days)
  • If non-wage income, proof of receipt (award letter) and continuance
  • W-2 and 1099 forms for last 2 years
  • Tax returns, including all schedules and taxes from businesses you own, for last 2 years
  • Bank statements (all pages) for last 2 months
  • Picture ID
  • Social Security Number verification

Special Circumstances

In some instances, the following also may be required:

  • Divorce decree(s)
  • Bankruptcy documents
  • Letters of explanation for cash out, late payments, credit issues and gaps in employment in the last 2 years
  • Documentation of large deposits into accounts other than wage earnings
  • Cancelled checks for child support/alimony
  • Rental/lease agreements for investment properties
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